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            january 20, 2019

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New project in Hamburg


Bridge specialist Lamparter has contracted Gustav Seeland with transporting and mounting a new pedestrian bridge in Hamburg. As of the fall the bridge is to connect the new subway station with the new city railway stop “Elbbrьcken”, spanning the main-line railway tracks of Deutsche Bahn. The bridge elements, produced by Lamparter in Hessisch Lichtenau, weigh between 75 and 120 tons each.
The contract of Gustav Seeland comprises everything from planning through to execution of all the logistics services in connection with the bridge project. This includes checking the feasibility, obtaining the necessary permissions, the transport itself, and positioning the bridge elements.              
Fulfilling the contract poses special challenges for Gustav Seeland. Not only the transport from Hessen to Hamburg with various different modes of transport but also assembling the bridge across the north-south rail connection of Deutsche Bahn. While the bridge is being assembled, railway traffic on the main line and the power supply on the overhead electricity lines will have to be stopped. Moreover, the rail company Deutsche Bahn has provided a very tight timeframe for assembling the bridge.
Mounting the glazed bridge elements will be performed in the nights of Whitsuntide. For this, the bridge parts already prepared at Hamburg’s Pella Sietas shipyard will be taken to Baakenhцft on a dock pontoon and then to Elbbrьcken on heavy-haulage trailers. Loading will involve a mobile 500-ton crane and 700-ton crane. The transport from Lamparter‘s steelworks in Hessen to Pella Sietas shipyard in Hamburg was already carried out on heavy-haulage trailers by road.
“Such a project requires immense precision in terms of planning, coordinating and executing the logistics services—a huge challenge,” says Johann Evers, CEO of Gustav Seeland. “In particular the safety precaution measures and the tight timeframe for assembling the bridge require very exact coordination.”

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