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            june 17, 2019

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Scania delivers to global marine engine supplier


Scania has signed an agreement with the leading French supplier Nanni to provide its range of marine engines. For Scania, the new partnership opens up extensive new opportunities in the marine segment.
“With Nanni’s global sales and service network, Scania will gain instant access to a major market for the large pleasure boat segment. In recent years, this market has experienced a strong growth, which is one reason why the partnership with Nanni is attractive to Scania,” says Torben Dabrowski, Global Product Manager Marine at Scania.
Access to Scania’s marine engine range will allow Nanni to strengthen its product portfolio with well-proven and reliable technology. Scania’s products are all part of a modular system which provides parts that are tried and tested and built in large series, drawing on the company’s experience in truck and bus as well as in industrial and marine applications.
“Scania’s position as class leader in power-to-weight ratio will also benefit Nanni’s customers. The outstanding fuel efficiency characteristics of Scania’s marine engines increase the range of operation considerably,” adds Dabrowski.
Scania’s focus on sustainable transport solutions fits well with Nanni’s product portfolio and the company’s commitment to “Energy in Blue”. In keeping with its motto, Nanni offers innovative and performing solutions for clean marine propulsion and on-board power generation.
The first step of the new partnership will see Scania supply its 13-litre in-line six cylinder engine along with the 16-litre V8. These engines are especially well suited for vessels between 50 and 80 feet long. The engines will be packaged and sold as a complete Nanni solution and product, handled and serviced through the Nanni network.

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