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            february 20, 2019

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Long Beach wins state grant to electrify box handling gear


The Port of Long Beach has secured an US$8 million state government grant to support its $16.8 million project aimed at electrifying container-handling vehicles, reports London's Container Management magazine.
The project is expected to begin in early 2021 and be completed by March 2022.
The California Energy Commission grant will help fund the facility's Port Advanced Vehicle Electrification (PAVE) Project, which will help provide electric-powered, zero-emissions cargo-handling equipment at Total Terminals International's (TTI) Pier T terminal.
"This project will be a cost-effective, replicable model that the Port of Long Beach and others can use to speed progress to zero emissions, said Long Beach Harbour Commission president Lou Anne Bynum.
"It's part of a wide array of approaches we are using to reduce air pollution for our community and deliver on our promise as the Green Port," she said.
The PAVE Project will design and build charging outlets for almost 40 pieces of electrical terminal equipment at TTI while four battery-electric yard tractors will be modified to connect to a DC fast-charging system.
The system could remove the need for on-board equipment chargers while also increasing battery capacity of electric vehicles.

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