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            january 22, 2020

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HAFFA talks to HK officials about ICAO's new air cargo security policy


The Hongkong Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics Limited (HAFFA) recently organised a forum to update its members on possible solutions to comply with the International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) new air cargo security policy, according to Shipping Gazette.
HAFFA chairman Brian Wu said: "Like never before, the implementation of the ICAO New Air Cargo Security Policy has major implications for HAFFA members and to the industry as a whole. We are sincerely thankful for the strong support of the Security Bureau (SB) and the Civil Aviation Department (CAD), particularly in inspecting warehouses of various sizes, which has helped them to understand the operational challenges faced the industry."
Mr Wu said he hoped members had gained practical advice and insights with the latest first-hand information from the SB and CAD "to help them formulate optimal business plans to deal with the challenges ahead and to meet international requirements, while maintaining the efficiency and competitiveness of Hong Kong as the regional air cargo hub that".
The forum was the most recent initiative by HAFFA in relation to the new ICAO policy directive which requires the phasing out of known consignors (KC) not approved by CAD for aviation security by June 30, 2021, at the latest.
Under the new policy, KCs will have to be approved by the CAD, or an appropriate authority, or have their air cargo subject to 100 per cent screening. At present, a KC recognised by its associated Regulated Agents (RA) or aviation operator may still have its consignments treated as known cargo. The new policy will therefore necessitate major changes to the existing Regulated Agent Regime (RAR) in Hong Kong.
Currently, 100 per cent screening measures recognised by CAD require conventional x-ray inspection and hand search. Feasibility studies aimed to provide multiple screening solutions include, amongst others: Off-airport conventional x-ray screening, including the establishment of Regulated Air Cargo Screening Facilities (RACSF) at RAs or their subcontractor's own warehouse; common cargo screening facilities, dog detection; CT scanning for palletised cargo; and the establishment of a new KC Validation Scheme.
In order to lessen the burden on its members, HAFFA has spoken to numerous x-ray machine vendors and x-ray screener service providers to explore a wide range of solutions to cater to members' needs under the new policy.

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