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            january 20, 2020

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CILF 2020

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Amsterdam Schiphol posts gains in bellyholds, but slot restrictions hurt


Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) has posted increases in belly cargo throughput, but "lot restrictions continue to impact overall volume", according to Shipping Gazette.
"The mid-year figures reflect our expectations for a decrease in overall freighter ATMs as we continue to face capacity constraints," said Schiphol aviation marketing chief Maaike van der Windt.
Schiphol saw its North American market decline 11 per cent inbound decline to 64,768 tonnes, while outbound traffic dropped four per cent to 79,055 tonnes.
"Shanghai remains our main destination through the continued increase in e-commerce in China, reaching more than 31,000 tonnes in the first six months of 2018, followed by the US with more than 22,000 tonnes," said Mr van der Windt.
The Asian inbound market decreased two per cent year on year to 147,122 tonnes. Outbound traffic decreased by three per cent to 150,623 tonnes.
The Latin American market's volume at the airport, however, increased "due to a network extension on the continent", he said, with inbound cargo up nine per cent to 65,255 tonnes and outbound cargo increasing by 15 per cent to 40,445 tonnes.
African outbound cargo grew seven per cent to 26,674 tonnes, suggesting an increased interest in trade between the two regions, with leaders like DHL investing in African economies. But inbound was down five per cent to 56,733 tonnes.
Inbound cargo from the Middle East also fell two per cent to 42,666 and 11 per cent to 55,218 tonnes outbound.

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