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            september 22, 2019

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Cathay Pacific continues test latest Bluetooth track and trace ULDs


Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific Cargo and its partners have continued continue trials of new Bluetooth track and trace technology for ULDs, the company has revealed, according to Shipping Gazette.
For the uninitiated a ULD is a unit load device, especially shaped cargo containers to fit the contours of aircraft.
The airline said that following a "proof of technology" trial in Hong Kong, it is now tracking ULDs using low-energy Bluetooth beacons and readers as they make their way from Hong Kong to Melbourne.
"Our cargo terminal has a different environment to many of the warehouses to where we deliver cargo at outports," said Calvin Hui, e-cargo and digital enablement manager.
"While the terminal is a multi-storey facility, most outport warehouses will be single-storey and densely packed with cargo. We needed to make sure the technology works in this environment too."
Cathay fitted the warehouse in Melbourne with Bluetooth readers and tracked a shipment from the aircraft, across the ramp into the warehouse up to its collection.
"The trial was a success in tracking location, the technology is multi-dimensional and will be able to record and transmit other information about the shipment including temperature," the carrier said.
ULD firm Unilode added: "The trial included the world's first deployment of Bluetooth Low Energy version 5 technology with superior performance and range over any other Bluetooth deployment previously conducted.
"It also featured another world-first with data capture being conducted with a mix of fixed readers and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), which all parties believe is a true game-changer for delivering reliable and robust tracking services to our industry."

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