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            november 21, 2019

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SMBC Aviation Capital sets up in Hong Kong to tap regional demand


Headquartered in Dublin, SMBC Aviation Capital has established an operating company in Hong Kong, SMBC Aviation Capital Hong Kong Ltd, to cement its footprint in the region, according to Shipping Gazette. The aircraft leasing group previously maintained a presence in the region through an affiliated company.
The decision to establish a Hong Kong operation that will be formally opened by the end of November comes amid growing demand for aircraft in Asia and the ongoing need to service that demand locally. The decision also coincides with the new regime initiated by the Hong Kong government to provide attractive incentives for aircraft leasing companies to set up operations in the region.
SMBC Aviation Capital CEO Peter Barrett explained the rationale behind the move: "Hong Kong is an attractive place for us to do business. It is one of the Asian capital markets hubs, serves as home base for a multitude of aviation-related businesses and remains a key centre for global trade.
"Additionally, as airlines in China and elsewhere in the region continue to expand their businesses, we are determined to bring to bear our expertise to serve new and existing customers," said Mr Barrett.
"We have reached a size and scale in Hong Kong which makes economic sense for us to set up an operating company. It also underpins our strategy to build our presence in one of the fastest growing aviation markets in the world."

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