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            june 16, 2019

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Henkel won the IALTA Automotive Lightweight Green Technology Innovation Award 2018


As a global leading supplier of automotive adhesive, sealants and functional coatings, Henkel won the Automotive Lightweight Green Technology Innovation Award 2018 with Structure Adhesive TEROSON EP Series. The award was presented by International Automotive Light Weight Alliance (IALWA) at its annual conference in October 2018. After the award ceremony, a keynote speech on Henkel Bonding for Automotive Lightweight Technology was given to the guests and automotive professionals at the IALWA International Automotive Light Weight Technology and Materials Innovation Summit.
As a member of International Automotive Lightweight Green Technology Alliance, Henkel has been honored the Technology Innovation Awards for two consecutive years. The product selected this year was Henkel Structural Adhesive TEROSON EP Series. It is used in body shop for metal bonding applications, replacing welding or expensive riveting operations. Application of TEROSON EP Series enables automotive manufacturers to achieve outstanding long-term structural integrity of lightweight materials by optimizing material strength and crash load performance. Henkel's adhesives and sealants make lightweight automotive construction possible, because bonding is the new welding. It can support the reduction of a car's weight by up to 15 percent. Bonded joints can withstand high amounts of stress from oscillations, vibrations and temperature fluctuations, and ensure that different materials remain securely and durably joined together. 'It benefits cars, especially electric vehicle manufacturers, which have been struggling with the increasing weight of vehicles,' Mark Hyde, Corporate Director of Automotive Body Assembly & Design Asia Pacific, Henkel Adhesive Technologies said. 'Because of stricter compliances regarding active and passive safety, the multitude of electronic devices and components, the batteries in electric vehicles all have a tendency to tip the scales. The heavier the vehicle, the shorter its recharge mileage will be.'

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