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            june 25, 2019

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May's Brexit deal limits UK's ability to make US trade pact


US President Donald Trump warned British Prime Minister Theresa May that the Brexit deal she made with the EU could limit Britain's ability to sign a trade pact with the US, according to Shipping Gazette.
President Trump said it was "a great deal for the EU" and urged the prime minister to reopen negotiations with Brussels, something both she and EU leaders who approved the deal on Sunday have repeatedly declared they would not do.
President Trump said of the deal limits the UK's ability to reach a trade pact with the US in that it keeps Britain in the customs union for a 21-month transition period.
Mrs May said that her aim is for a new commercial agreement with the EU that will allow the UK to strike trade deals with other countries around the world. The plan remains sketchy and the details have not yet been negotiated.
Brexiteers say the cost of remaining in the EU's customs union without a say over its rules and regulations, would be worse than staying in the EU as a full member.

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