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            june 16, 2019

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CIBE 2019

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APL joins fight against wildlife trade


APL has become a signatory of the United for Wildlife (UFW) Transport Taskforce, declaring to prevent the transportation of illegal wildlife and their products in the fight against illegal wildlife trade.
“In becoming a member of the UFW Transport Taskforce, APL reinforces our zero tolerance towards illegal wildlife trade. APL recognises that we can be instrumental in preventing illicit wildlife trading if we take actions to ensure we do not transport these products; and discourage consumption of these products by educating our stakeholders,” said Dennis Yee, APL Global Head of Safety, Security and Environment.
The carrier will take a proactive stance in urging shippers to support the initiative when they make a shipment booking with APL. This builds on APL’s policy to not ship shark fin, dolphins, whales, elephant tusks as well as rhinoceros and antelope horns.
APL will also be promoting the awareness of wildlife protection among employees, shippers and other stakeholders. The carrier is hopeful that as more people become cognizant with the devastating impact of the prohibited trade, the demand for wildlife products will decline, thus reducing the illicit trade.
Yee elaborated, “APL is committed to facilitating global trade in a sustainable and responsible manner. Abiding by all laws and regulations, we will stay aligned with global environmental sustainability initiatives and collaborate with like-minded stakeholder groups to make a difference in wildlife protection.”

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