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            january 28, 2020

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DS Norden carries out first test voyage of bio-fuelled ship


Danish shipping company DS Norden has conducted the world's first commercial test voyage of a vessel powered by carbon-neutral bio-fuel. The ship, the Nord Highlander, sailed from Rotterdam to Tallinn, Estonia.
Dutch firm Good Fuels supplied the bio-fuel for the test voyage. One of the key benefits is that ships need not modify or rebuild their tanks to use the bio-fuel that is derived from food oil.
"Norden is proud to be at the forefront of testing and introducing CO2-neutral fuel that truly makes an impact on the highly important agenda of reducing the carbon footprint of shipping," said CEO Jan Rindbo, reported the Copenhagen Post.
"Norden has come a long way in increasing fuel efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions per tonne of cargo transported on owned tanker vessels by 25 per cent between 2007 and 2017," he said.
"With the newly introduced IMO targets on CO2 reductions, however, it is evident that increased fuel efficiency alone is not enough. We need alternative solutions and with this test Norden has shown a viable method towards reaching these targets."
According to Mr Rindbo, bio-fuel is currently more expensive than a traditional fuel. However, when the UN's International Maritime Organisation's (IMO) new rule comes into effect in January 2020 capping the sulphur content in marine fuel at 0.5 per cent, shipping firms will not be able to use the cheapest types of sulphur-based fuels, making bio-fuel a more competitive fuel source.

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