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            july 20, 2019

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Polish truckers fear collapse


Poland's US$57 billion transport and logistics industry is facing a serious threat as the European Union tightens rules, reports Bloomberg.
"This may completely eliminate Polish companies from the EU market," said Jan Buczek, the head of the Association of Polish International Road Freight Operators. "Many companies will go bust, we'll have leases and credits to pay off but no chance to earn money."
The EU approved new rules that will force truckers to pay the minimum wage in the country through which they carry the load.
The law will hit companies from the EU's poorer east, which have used their cost advantages to dominate the bloc's road freight industry.
The decision also shows the waning influence of Poland, which will become the EU's fifth most populous nation after the UK leaves, following years of clashes with Brussels over its backslide on democratic values.
Championed by France, the changes were criticised as "protective and disproportionate" by Poland and several other countries, which were outvoted in the bloc.

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