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            june 16, 2019

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Avenio M tram inaugurates passenger service on new Line 2 in Ulm, Germany


The Avenio M from Siemens Mobility has begun service on the new Line 2 in Ulm, Germany. The approximately ten-kilometer long tram line, which connects Ulm’s Science City with the Kuhberg district, was officially inaugurated yesterday by SWU Verkehr GmbH. The new trams from Siemens Mobility will be used on the city’s entire tram network (Lines 1 and 2).
In May 2015, SWU Verkehr GmbH commissioned Siemens Mobility to deliver twelve multi-articulated trams from the Avenio M series. The first tram has been operating on Line 1 in Ulm since the summer of 2018, and Siemens Mobility has in the meantime handed over all twelve trams. With today’s timetable change, the new trams will officially begin scheduled passenger service on the new Line 2.
“The start of passenger service in Ulm is especially important for us in two respects. For one, Ulm is the first city to operate the new multi-articulated variant of the Avenio tram. For another, this is the first time our new “Siemens Tram Assistant” collision warning system is being used. By making trains and infrastructure intelligent, we guarantee availability and increase safety in urban traffic,” said Sabrina Soussan, CEO of Siemens Mobility.
The Siemens Tram Assistant is installed in all of Ulm’s Avenio tram fleet. The system informs the tram driver of critical situations with the help of lidar and radar sensors, helping to avoid accidents.
The Avenio M has been optimized to operate on the Ulm tram routes with their steep grades. Designed as a modular, multi-articulated tram, the Avenio M adapts flexibly to the infrastructure. The tram’s weight-optimized aluminum body and state-of-the-art electrical systems minimize its energy consumption.

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