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            june 25, 2019

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PSA, Singapore Tech U to foster talent to run new Tuas smart port


Singapore port operator PSA Corporation and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) have inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to work together to train and educate talent with the appropriate knowledge and skills set to support the growth of the port sector.
Specifically, the two parties are collaborating to "cultivate a new generation of data science, info-comms and engineering professionals for Singapore's future port in Tuas," a PSA release said.
The new Tuas port will utilise big data, automation technologies and smart systems to raise terminal productivity and service quality. To build the competencies required to manage the complex ecosystems in Tuas port, PSA will contribute port-related content to SUTD curriculum, giving students exposure and advancing their knowledge in smart technologies and systems used in port operations.
PSA will also work with SUTD to build a talent pipeline to support the company's extensive network of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, which is an enabler of port operations.
The port operator is also providing internship opportunities to SUTD students to enable them to learn and apply engineering principles, info-communications and security and data science knowledge to modern port operations and equipment.
"PSA has adapted quickly to embark on a journey of embracing evolving technologies including digitalisation, complex designs and total system thinking efforts that are motivating the rapid changes in the maritime industry. Jobs are being redesigned and we are building the competencies needed to reinforce our digital readiness," said CEO Southeast Asia Ong Kim Pong.
"PSA values SUTD's strength in combining design thinking and technology and nurturing technically-grounded innovators. This timely partnership allows both parties to capitalise on each other's strengths and PSA is pleased to provide SUTD students with opportunities for practical industry experience and the chance to pursue exciting careers in PSA," said Mr Pong.
SUTD president professor Chong Tow Chong said: "SUTD's strategic partnership with PSA will not only offer our students valuable hands-on experience in the actual global port environment but also encourage the free flow of information, ideas and innovation between both organisations. Together, we look forward to forging new frontiers for the maritime sector and innovate new processes."

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