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            june 20, 2019

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Finnair's customers can choose to offset CO2 emissions from flights


Finnair plans from early next year to offer a new service, available on its website, to enable customers to offset the carbon dioxide emissions of their flights by funding emissions reduction projects or carbon sinks, or by supporting the use of biofuels, according to Shipping Gazette.
For sustainable biofuels the carrier's partner will be the Dutch SkyNRG company, and for emission reduction projects the airline will partner with the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO), an international financial institution backed by the Nordic states to finance sustainable green growth and climate projects.
Corporate sustainability director Kati Ihamaki said: "We conducted a survey on how our customers view CO2 emission reductions, and biofuels and carbon sinks were the preferred means for reducing CO2 emissions - therefore it was a logical choice for us to start looking into how we could offer these options for our customers."
SkyNRG's biofuel is made from used cooking oil and sourced at World Energy's Paramount refinery in Los Angeles, California.
Finnair is a part of the initiative driven by Shell, SkyNRG, World Energy, San Francisco Airport and several other airlines that aims to pave the way for a longer term, more resilient supply chain for sustainable aviation fuels, and thus support the industry's common targets for CO2 emission reduction.
Flights flown with biofuel will be determined by the uptake of the service by the carrier's customers. Biofuel has a reduction potential of 60-80 per cent, compared to conventional jet fuel, but its price is currently three to five times the price of conventional jet fuel.
The carrier's customers will be able to offset the CO2 emissions of their flights by funding an emissions reduction project identified by NEFCO in Mozambique, where efficient cookstoves are taken into use to reduce deforestation and emissions.

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