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            january 21, 2020

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LKW Walter

CILF 2020

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LKW Walter
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Hong Kong Airlines is among the top three most punctual airlines


Hong Kong Airlines has achieved the highest on-time performance (OTP) in Asia Pacific and retained its position among the top three most punctual airlines globally for 2018, according to the latest "OAG Punctuality League 2019" report, which tracks on-time performance for airlines and airports.
The airlines' 2018 OTP rating of 88.11 per cent is due to ongoing efforts to improve its operational efficiency and strive towards service excellence. The airline operates out of Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), where 90 per cent of its flights arrive and depart. Last year, it carried 7.64 million passengers to 40 destinations worldwide.
In addition to operating from HKIA, Hong Kong Airlines shares flight information in a timely fashion with relevant parties. The data not only helps to improve the management of the airport's parking bays but also provides the carrier with accurate bay assignments. It has a dedicated working group that monitors its OTP closely and looks into factors that may cause delays to prevent their reoccurrence.
The airline over the Christmas and New Year holidays operated 1,200 flights and carried 240,000 passengers. In the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays, Hong Kong Airlines expects to operate 1,080 flights and fly 224,000 passengers between February 1 and 10, representing a 4.2 per cent increase over the same period last year.

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