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            august 23, 2019

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Greencarrier Freight offers box loading inspection services in China


Greencarrier Freight Services International has started offering container loading inspections across China through its partner Current Consulting, reported Shipping Gazette.
A statement from the company said: "Quality assurance and delivery precision are a significant part of the shipping process. With our container loading inspection service, we help you get your goods to the final destination safely and in a properly executed manner.
"As an importer, there is nothing worse than receiving your goods and realising the quantity is incorrect or the goods are damaged. A lot of things can go wrong in the loading process or during shipment."
The company posted a bog to guide users through the steps of the container loading inspection, the benefits, and the optimum way to prepare cargo for shipping.
A container loading inspection typically takes place at the shipper's factory or warehouse. The inspection is carried out to make sure the goods are correctly handled and safely loaded into the shipping containers for safe transport and delivery.
Container loading inspections involve a number of steps. First, the inspector checks the quantity and the quality of the goods to make sure they are in the right condition for shipping.
The inspector checks the packaging of the goods to make sure the material will protect the goods during shipping and that the labels are correct; and supervises the loading of the goods to make sure nothing gets damaged. Also, an inspection of the condition of shipping containers and vehicles is carried out to make sure they are intact, safe and properly sealed prior to transport.
The inspector records loading conditions such as whether to minimise possible issues on the road. When the entire inspection process is finished, a detailed report, containing photos, is provided to the importer.
"A container loading inspection minimises the possibility of an unpleasant surprise at arrival. It allows you to capture the state of your goods prior to shipping, detect any possible issues, and take action directly. If discrepancies are found, responsible staff is in place to decide on the next step.
"Having professionals in place during the container loading process will not only minimise the risk of mishandling and incorrect loading of your goods but also minimise the risk of theft and other unexpected issues," the author of a company blog post said.
Greencarrier is a freight forwarding company that offers transport solutions and supply chain management services from offices in Nordic and Baltic countries, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and China.

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