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            september 17, 2019

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Swedish rail operator may invade Denmark


SJ is threatening to invest €1 billion in new trains to run between Copenhagen and both Funen and Jutland.
The Danish train operator DSB may have to prepare to expect some competition on its rails in the coming years, the Copenhagen Post reports.
Its Swedish counterpart SJ has revealed plans that include a DKK 7.5 billion (€1 billion) investment in new passenger trains to run initially between Copenhagen and Funen and later to Jutland.
“When our rolling stock is in place in two to three years, we will be ready to drive from Copenhagen to Odense and later to Aarhus once the track is electrified all the way,” Crister Fritzson, president and chief executive of SJ, told the Danish broadcaster DR Nyheder.
In Sweden, SJ has seen steady increases in passenger numbers of 5-7% in recent years, despite punctuality issues. It is now readying to present its expansion plans to the Swedish Parliament this week.
Insiders say that the development could push the Danish government into increasing funds for DSB in the near future.
However, the Danish rail operator – which has seen recent declines in passenger numbers – does not seem worried by a possible incursion by the Swedes, telling DR that it will still have the majority of departures between Copenhagen and Odense.

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