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            august 23, 2019

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CargoLogic Germany joins BARIG


Leipzig's CargoLogic Germany, an embryonic cargo airline, is as of now member of the Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG), reports the American Journal of Transportation.
"We are happy to welcome CargoLogic Germany, which will also be part of our cargo committee, as new player with possibly new business approaches in our industry," said BARIG secretary general Michael Hoppe.
"Air cargo and logistics topics are traditionally an important aspect of BARIG's association work and have further gained momentum in the past few years," he said.
The association based at the airport in Frankfurt represents the interest of over 120 national and international airlines to airport operators, politics, authorities and other institutions.
CargoLogic Germany was registered last year as a company name and applied to the German Federal Aviation Authority for an operating permit and the Air Operator Certificate (AOC).
The fleet consists of three Boeing 737 aircraft which will serve destinations in Europe and beyond as soon as the operating licence is granted by the German Federal Aviation Authority.
Said CargoLogic managing director Ulrich Ogiermann: "Competent representation through BARIG in many important issues related to air cargo as well as further advantages offered by the membership are of special interest to us."

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