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            january 29, 2020

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Airlines raise fuel surcharges on int'l routes in March


South Korean airlines said Tuesday they have raised their fuel surcharges on international routes for next month to reflect rising oil prices.
Local airlines currently charge fuel surcharges of up to 19,200 won ($17) for one-way travel tickets on long-haul routes. The one-way travel fuel surcharges on international routes will rise to 34,800 won starting in March, airline officials said.
Airlines impose fuel surcharges on customers that increase every time the average jet fuel price on the Singapore exchange rises by $1.50 per gallon up to 10 times. If jet fuel prices fall under 150 cents a gallon, they don't collect fuel surcharges.
Fuel surcharges on domestic routes will remain unchanged at 3,300 won next month, they said.


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