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            november 15, 2019

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LKW Walter

CIBE 2019

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LKW Walter
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INIT is ready to shape the future of public transport


Account-based ticketing solutions, Mobility as a Service and electromobility – these are trend topics for public transport that are broadly discussed. INIT, leading supplier of integrated IT solutions for public transport, is ready to support transport operators to shape the future of public transport and will be showing its state-of-the-art products on its booth H05 at Asia Pacific Rail, taking place in Hong Kong from 19 – 20 March.

Next generation ticketing systems for San Diego and Seattle

San Diego and Seattle are some of the latest transport operators that opted for a next generation account-based ticketing solution from INIT. Its flexible and open architecture allows tailoring it to the needs of the customer – incorporating multiple modes of transportation such as fixed-route buses, light rail, streetcars and ferries. The core intelligence of the ticket system is stored in INIT’s back-office processing and revenue management solution, MOBILEvario. MOBILEvario utilizes an open architecture design to integrate with various third-party vendors for a fully unified system. Due to MOBILEvario’s multi-client capability, operators have the ability for a region-wide, interoperable fare structure. INIT’s validators are capable of accepting closed-loop payments such as smartcards and open payments such as bank-issued debit/credit cards and mobile wallets using Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

Ready for e-mobility

Besides its ticketing solution, INIT will showcase how the specific requirements of e-mobility were incorporated into core information systems as well as newly developed additional applications, such as the simulation tool eMOBILE-PLAN. eMOBILE-PLAN allows to simulate scenarios to make financially sound decisions for the integration of e-busses. E-mobility-specific parameters such as charging stations, energy consumption and battery capacities are taken into account.

Improving travel experience with Automatic Passenger Counting
Automatic Passenger Counting is used to analyze passenger streams and optimize planning and scheduling with the data provided. It can also benefit the travel experience of passengers. INIT’s automatic passenger counting technology MOBILE-APC displays information on the vehicle’s current occupancy rate in real time on carriage or platform screen doors. MOBILE-APC stands out from the crowd with its impressive precision: it considers the estimated car load (ECL) by calculating the probability of passengers boarding and disembarking at the next stop as a percentage based on historical data. Accurate real-time information on current free capacity improves not only the quality of service enjoyed by passengers, but also operational efficiency, by reducing boarding times.


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