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            may 25, 2019

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Box volumes at NY-NJ port remain strong during seasonal slow patch


The Port of New York and New Jersey is seeing truck turn times improve and delays lessen as terminals there work down the January backlog of containers.
However, drayage capacity still appears tight as local logistics executives see strong volumes of containers coming through the port.
Trucking companies report that New York and New Jersey terminals are getting between 60 per cent and 80 per cent of container movements done in two hours or less. That compares to drivers reporting extreme instances of container moves taking between four and eight hours, with one driver saying trucks were queued "all the way to the Turnpike" during parts of January.e of containers coming into the US. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey reported its fifth best January ever with total volume reaching 622,531 TEU, a 6.3 per cent rise from a year earlier and a 2 per cent gain from December.
Shippers remained in a rush to move freight into the US ahead of yet another delay in the imposition of tariffs, with inbound loads of 327,345 TEU being the third highest monthly total on record and 6 per cent higher than a year ago.
The volumes coming in are also being matched by large amounts of empty containers, totalling 183,353 TEU, up 11 per cent from a year earlier.
Backhaul volumes remain largely flat at 111,833 TEU for the month. The Lunar New Year slowdown makes it difficult for volumes to sustain that growth through February and March. But local trucking sources said they continue to see strong volumes. Likewise, one terminal executive said, "we are doing lots of volume right now".
But even with less congestion, drayage capacity remains tight. A terminal executive said they have been able to move only about half of the import containers in their yard, even with extended gate hours, due to less drayage supply. And backlogs are still episodic with some terminals having to divert ships to less-impacted terminals, reports New York's FreightWaves.

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