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            july 23, 2019

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Rotterdam to prepare parking for Brexit


Rotterdam and its nearby towns, are preparing to make a hard no-EU deal Brexit, as soft an experience as it can by providing five new buffer parking sites.
Trucks will be able to wait there customs documents have not been properly prepared for maritime crossings to the UK, in the event of a hard Brexit on March 29.
"The aim is to minimise delay resulting from customs formalities at ferry and shortsea terminals to ensure freight traffic to the UK runs as smoothly as possible," said the Port of Rotterdam Authority.
Simulation research reveals the 700 additional spaces provided at buffer parking sites will be sufficient. On the northern bank in Hoek van Holland, the Municipality of Rotterdam has allocated the Oranjeheuvel site.
This site is close to the ferry terminal in Hoek van Holland. Rijkswaterstaat is creating space there for around 200 trucks. In Maasdijk, in the municipality of Westland, Rijkswaterstaat has created a buffer site for around 50 trucks.
The municipality of Vlaardingen, created space for 80 trucks. Southern bank parking sites are being created on Moezelweg and Seattleweg. The site on Moezelweg will provide space for 290 trucks.
The Port of Rotterdam Authority, the municipality of Rotterdam, and neighbouring town as well the Dutch water authorities and participating.

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