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            august 26, 2019

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Lighthizer, Mnuchin to visit China next week to conclude trade talks


US trade representatives will travel to Beijing next week in a bid to resolve the remaining key points in talks to end the trade war with China, according to two senior US administration officials, reports London's Financial Times.
Robert Lighthizer, the US Trade Representative, and Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, are expected to meet with Chinese vice-premier Liu He, to work towards making a final deal by the end of April.
The US and China have been negotiating the enforcement of a possible trade deal, the status of existing tariffs on Chinese goods, the scale of purchases of US goods by China, the depth of Chinese concessions on structural reforms and the protection of intellectual property rights.
Mr Lighthizer warned the Senate finance committee last week that "major, major issues" still needed to be resolved in the US-China talks, regardless of the headway that had been made in key areas over the past few months.

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