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            june 17, 2019

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SIL 2019


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Imperial Logistics protects vulnerable road users with truck safety systems


Over half of Imperial Logistics’ general cargo truck fleet in Germany is now fitted with safety equipment designed to protect cyclists and pedestrians, following the company’s latest vehicle order.
Conscious of the constant risk to cyclists and pedestrians who enter the nearside blind spot next to a stationary heavy goods vehicle, and may then not be seen by the driver as he moves off and turns right, Imperial Logistics now specifies safety monitoring systems on all its orders of new vehicles.
The systems use sensors to detect any moving object within the nearside blind spot; depending on the make of truck, these then trigger audible warnings and flashing lights in the cab, or display video of any pedestrian or cyclist who is positioned beside the vehicle.
In addition to specifying the equipment on all new vehicles, Imperial Logistics is also retrofitting it to the remainder of its existing fleet, so that all its vehicles will soon provide increased protection for other road users.
Says Imperial Logistics International’s VP Commercial - Road, Srecko Muehling: “The growing popularity of cycling, along with ever-increasing levels of heavy goods vehicle traffic, mean that the risk to more vulnerable road users is increasing all the time.
“As a major operator of heavy goods vehicles, Imperial Logistics takes its responsibilities to all road users very seriously, and we are determined to play a lead role in making the roads as safe as possible for everyone.
“Our drivers also perform a challenging daily task, and deserve all the support we can give them. We therefore have no hesitation in making whatever investments may be necessary in the latest safety technology, to achieve our aim. We hope other operators will also follow our example.”

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