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            august 19, 2019

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CILF 2019

LKW Walter

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Delhi’s Blue Line Showcases Siemens Mobility’s Intelligent Infrastructure Technology


The latest expansion of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation’s (DMRC) Blue Line signifies the city’s commitment to modernizing mass rapid transit and features Siemens Mobility’s signaling and electrification technology. As one of the world’s largest metropolitan areas, India’s National Capital Region of Delhi has grown from 6.2 million residents in 1981 to approximately 25 million residents in 2018. With more than 2 million riders per day, the network is expanding rapidly. From just 87 kilometers in 2010 to 375 kilometers today, the network continues to grow. The latest expansion adds 6.6 kms for a total of 65 kms. The signaling, electrification and automatic train control systems on this portion of the line ensure optimum headway between two consecutive trains on the same line during peak hours, resulting in capacity of up to 30,000 riders per hour on one line.
“Siemens Mobility has been working with Indian mass transit operator DMRC for more than 15 years and understands their commitment to ensure it offers passengers modernized intelligent infrastructure that will meet the capacity demands of their growing working populations. These enhancements on Delhi’s second longest and busiest line will provide not only increased capacity and drastically shorter commute times, but also will provide environmental benefits, making the cities a better place to live and work,” stated Michael Peter, CEO Siemens Mobility.
The Government has been taking steps to reduce emissions from mass transport and encourage residents to take greener forms of transport, the ongoing metro project being an important component. This expansion also makes it easier for hassle-free commuting between Delhi Metro’s Blue Line and Noida Metro’s Aqua Line.
The Siemens Mobility technology includes Automatic Train Protection system for trains, Central Operation control center with Automatic Train Control & Supervision, Electronic Interlocking and Trackside equipment.

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