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            august 19, 2019

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BTF 2019

LKW Walter

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LKW Walter
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ÖBB Rail Cargo Group launches first connection between Xi'an and Budapest


Record time: Within 10 days the first train from Xi'an arrived at Rail Cargo Terminal - BILK via the Záhony-Eperjeske transhipment station. The container train with consumer goods covered more than 7,000 km on the route via Kazakhstan and the Ukraine. Starting point was the city of Xi'an, a mega city with 13 million inhabitants.

Great potential for Eurasian traffic
Between Rail Cargo Terminal-BILK and Xi'an, the Rail Cargo Group is the first railway undertaking to have handled a train to this route. The first test train on the alternative route via the Chinese-Kazakh border crossing Alashankou/Dostyk and the Ukrainian border via Batjevo/Eperjeske was operated by RCG. Customers benefit from the unbeatable transport time of only 10 days. RCG has thus reached a new level in Eurasian container traffic.
RCG operates several regular routes between Europe and Asia. In Hungary, goods from China are mainly transported to Hungary via the port of Piraeus or the Adriatic ports, and partly also via the continental corridors. On average, trains leave the seaports for Central Europe every other day. In addition, RCG is involved in the handling of around 1,600 trains per year and thus manages a total volume of goods of around 120 thousand TEU. This reduces the burden on the environment by 60,000 truck journeys and several hundred thousand tonnes of greenhouse gases.

Rail Cargo Group: Freight traffic of the ÖBB
The Rail Cargo Group is one of the leading rail logistics companies in Europe with annual sales of 2.2 billion euros and 8,700 employees. Together with strong partners, the Rail Cargo Group offers a comprehensive network of end-to-end-logistics in Europe and far beyond to Asia. It connects European conurbations and ports with prosperous economic centers in Russia, Turkey and all the way to China. The Rail Cargo Group's lead operating company is Rail Cargo Austria AG.

ÖBB: Austria's largest mobility service provider
As a comprehensive mobility service provider, the ÖBB Group brings 459 million passengers and 115 million tons of goods to the destination in an environmentally friendly manner every year. Rail passengers travel in a particularly climate-friendly manner. This is because 100 percent of traction power comes from renewable energy sources. In 2017, ÖBB was one of the most punctual railways in Europe with around 96 percent punctuality. Throughout the Group, 41,107 train and bus employees (plus around 1,900 apprentices) ensure that around 1.3 million passengers reach their destinations every day. The Group's strategic lead company is ÖBB-Holding AG.

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