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            july 23, 2019

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LKW Walter

CIBE 2019


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LKW Walter
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Swiss Frachtbox opens office in Turkey


Swiss-based Frachtbox became the first foreign investment for 2019 in the logistics sector after it opened its first office abroad in Turkey. Frachtbox.com, which brings the freight owner and carrier together on an online platform, offers its members the opportunity to find the ideal partner with only “one click.” The company will initially manage its operations in two big European countries from Turkey as well as two neighboring countries.
Founded in Switzerland in May 2018 with three partners, Frachtbox Global quickly expanded its service network to a wide geography, primarily to all of Europe, the Middle East and the Turkic Republics. The company today has the capacity to reach 1.5 billion users. Frachtbox offices in Germany and Spain are also in their initial stages. France and Italy will be managed from Istanbul. A well-known name from the logistics sector, Tulin Dogan, was appointed as the head of the Turkey office.
“Frachtbox had set the target to reach 100 customers in the first year," she said. "However, it exceeded its target in 6 months and reached 280 firms. The Turkey office will accelerate the company's growth because Turkey is a bridge between Europe and Asia and has a strong logistics potential."
The company plans to open offices in Izmir and Mersin in 2019,  Dogan added.

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