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            november 13, 2019

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Hong Kong, Memphis, Shanghai still the top three of world cargo airports


Hong Kong and Memphis airports are still No 1 and No 2 in air cargo volume respectively with Shanghai Pudong speeding along in No 3 spot, according to the latest tally by California's Global Trade Magazine.
The US air cargo market has been increasing at a steady clip, it says. The economy has officially rebounded and in 2017 alone roughly 61.5 million tons of freight moved via airlines worldwide.
Cargo airlines enjoyed healthy revenues of US$95.9 billion, and there are a handful of American cargo airports that surged into 2019 as a result.
FedEx maintains 40.9 million square feet of space (under lease) at Memphis, and the sheer volume that FedEx moves allows the airport to maintain competitively low landing fees.
Alaska's Ted Stevens airport comes in fourth in the world, and their ground handlers can nimbly turn a cargo plane around in less than two hours. Roughly one in every 10 jobs in Anchorage is directly or indirectly related to the airport.
Then comes Louisville International Airport, UPS springs to mind. United Parcel Service counts on a 5.2 million-square foot facility that can sort 416,000 packages an hour. UPS maintains 12 sorting hubs and Louisville is by far the largest, as it is only 2.5 hours from 75 per cent of the US population.

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