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            july 20, 2019

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Naval Dome puts shipping industry on red alert for cyber-attack


The maritime sector is being targeted by highly motivated cyber criminals and the shipping industry should be on the highest alert for a cyber-attack, Naval Dome CEO Itai Sela warned a Singapore shipping conference.
Speaking at the Singapore Maritime Technology Conference 2019, organised by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, Mr Sela said: "Somebody, somewhere is targeting the maritime sector. The shipping industry should be on Red Alert."
His warning follows widespread concern that the maritime industry remains vulnerable and is not doing enough to protect itself, reported the American Journal of Transportation.
During a round table discussion in which several companies informed the Greek shipping community of the importance of cyber security, one analyst said that while the industry is "concerned about the cyber risk it struggles to understand where and how best to manage it".
"The maritime industry is just not prepared," Mr Sela told delegates. "Shipping is a US$4 trillion global industry responsible for transporting 80 per cent of the world's energy, commodities and goods, so any activity that disrupts global trade will have far reaching consequences.
Mr Sela said a country like Singapore must have the ability to monitor all the ships that enter its waters in order to verify whether its infected or cyber clean.
"I strongly recommend that all port authorities have the ability to control the cyber threat that each and every vessel entering their waters brings with them. This will protect assets and avoid potential disaster," he said.

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