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            november 13, 2019

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CIBE 2019

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Hungarian GYSEV doubled its FLIRT fleet with 10 additional trains


Hungarian regional railway operator GYSEV and Swiss railway manufacturer Stadler have successfully closed the contract they signed in September 2016 for production and delivery of 10 FLIRT EMU trains. Thanks to the development project, GYSEV could double its fleet to 20 FLIRT trains, and can provide the regional passenger service with modern EMU trains on its whole electrified network. Stadler again managed to repeat the success of delivering the trains in time according to the contractual terms and conditions.
The new generation vehicles for GYSEV meet the requirements of the newest TSI standards of the European Railway Agency, and also suit the latest collision norms, providing more safety to the loc driver, making the trains 2.8 meter longer than they predecessors. The 77.1 meter long 4-car units offer altogether 208 seats and a very dynamic acceleration ability, which enables the train to reach 120 km/h within only 39 seconds. The trains top speed is 160 km/h, but they will run with 120 km/h on GYSEV’s regional lines.
The latest generation FLIRT trains also feature spacious, multifunctional boarding areas that enable rapid passenger exchange. Thanks to the multifunctional spaces and the more than 80% low-floor share, the vehicles are easily approachable by passengers with wheelchairs, bicycles and strollers. Meeting the requirements of today’s standards, the vehicles are provided with an advanced cooling heating system, security cameras, WIFI, charging facilities for electronic devices, as well as box seats suitable for regional transport.
The new electrical multiple units  are also able to operate in synchronous operation not only with each other, but also with the earlier purchased FLIRT models. The possibility of double or triple traction operation brings significant economic benefits to the operator. The car bodies and the bogies of the trainsets were manufactured in Stadler’s factory located in Szolnok, while the final assembly was executed in Stadler’s Polish factory in Siedlce.
Stadler has delivered altogether 143 FLIRT units to Hungary, 123 to MÁV Zrt. and 20 for GYSEV Zrt. FLIRT is the most successful product of Stadler; the members of the vehicle family can be deployed on regional, commuter or intercity lines too. Stadler has already sold more than 1700 units in a total of 18 countries worldwide.

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