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            november 21, 2019

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US hopes to beat EU on subsidies


Flushed with victory before the World Trade Organisation (WTO), in which the US won a dispute against China's grain import quotas, American trade officials now threaten US$11 billion in tariffs on the European Union over aircraft subsidies.
The aim is to force the resolution of a 14-year dispute before the WTO concerning subsidies the US claims the EU provided Airbus when it launched the A380 and A350XWB aircraft, reports New York's FreightWaves.
The $11 billion figure represents the calculation the US has made for lost sales by US manufacturers such as Boeing due to Airbus subsidies by EU members.
The proposed US tariffs adds a second major front to the US-Europe trade discussions. US imports of European automobiles are the focus of the other possible action, and await a Trump Administration decision on a US Department of Commerce recommendation from February 2019.
In the most recent action, the US Trade Representative identified 317 tariff line items valued at $21 billion for potential tariffs of up to 100 per cent ad valorem, nine of which are aircraft- and parts-related to be applied specifically against France, Germany, Spain and the UK.

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