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            september 21, 2019

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FREERIDER for Kloosterboer


Kuenz has won the first order for its FREERIDER RTG crane that is designed for automation and remote control.
The FREERIDER is Kuenz’s unique and innovative RTG design, with a single girder and an A-frame leg structure, designed for long travel at relatively high speeds (130m/min), reports World Cargo News. While it travels on rubber tyres with a 16-wheel boogie configuration, the RTG more closely resembles the new ASC Kuenz developed for APM Terminals’ MedPort Tangier in Morocco than a conventional RTG with a rectangular leg structure and two girders.
Less than a year after it was launched Kuenz has landed the first order for FREERIDER, four units for Kloosterboer’s Container Terminal in Vlissingen, the Netherlands, which will handle reefer containers for Chiquita. This project was reported by WorldCargo News in March, at which point the RTG contract was not confirmed.
The FREERIDER RTGs will be 7+1 wide, stacking 1-over-5. They will feature a patented hoist system, which Kuenz calls SPIDER, with eight rope drums. Using individually controlled motors SIPDER can move the head block and the load in all six degrees of freedom simultaneously. The system eliminates auxiliary ropes and the need for a separate micro motion system, while providing +/- 5° of movement and a horizontal shift of 300 mm in all directions.
In addition, Kuenz will deliver three remote desks. These will be outfitted with Kuenz’s “ONE HAND” operating system, which allows the crane to be controlled using only one hand.
Kuenz confirmed to WorldCargo News that the cranes will not have operator cabins at all, instead being controlled through a combination of automation and remote control. Kuenz explains: “During the day, the truck unloading and loading will be operated in semi-automated mode. At night, Kloosterboer Vlissingen will handle the housekeeping in fully automated operation. This high degree of automation requires an advanced and capable system in operation and safety".
The first crane will be delivered by the end of September for installation and testing. The last three cranes will be delivered in November 2019 and January 2020. Final hand over is planned for May/June 2020.

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