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            july 20, 2019

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Scrubber lobby wins OK for open loop from 20 world port authorities


Pro-scrubber lobby, the Clean Shipping Alliance 2020 (CSA 2020), says it has received no-objection letters from 20 port authorities in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australasia, saying they have no intention of banning the use of open-loop scrubbers.
This is in response to the banning of waste water discharge in the ports of Singapore and Dubai from open-loop scrubbers in their territorial waters.
The CSA 2020 presented to the ports scientific evidence concluding that the wastewater generated by the exhaust gas cleaning process was environmentally acceptable and well within regulatory limits.
"After research carried out by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), Japan has now stated it will not ban the use of open-loop scrubbers," said CSA 2020 spokesman Christopher Fee, Oldendorff Carriers' sustainability chief.
In February, DNV GL verified a three-year study based on 281 wash water samples from 53 different EGCS-equipped vessels, concluding that the samples were well within the allowable IMO criteria.
A study carried out by Japan's MLIT has also concluded that no short-term or long-term effects on marine organisms can be caused by the use the technology.

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