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            july 20, 2019

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Brazil sold through auction six port terminals


Brazil has sold through auction six port terminals in the northern state of Para to private operators for US$115.9 million in a bid to privatise a sizeable proportion of Brazil's public infrastructure, Reuters reports.
Ipiranga, Raizen, a joint venture between Shell and Cosan, and subsidiaries of the state-run oil company Petroleo Braileiro SA were among the buyers of the terminals, which included five in the Miramar port in the city of Belem and one in the Vila do Conde port in the city of Barcarena, reported American Shipper.
According to The Rio Times, the contracts range from 15 to 25 years and can be renewed for up to 70 years.
Government officials said a further $108.7 million will be invested in the terminals.
Petrobus Distribuidora SA and Petrobus Transporte SA both won 20-year leases for terminals in the port of Miramar, with respective bids of $13 million and $7.86 million.
Ipiranga, a subsidiary of Ultrapar Participacoes SA and Brazil's largest private fuel distributor, also won a lease of 15 years at Miramar port with a bid of $22.6 million.
The Brazilian government raised $56.57 million through the auction of four port terminals in the states of Paraiba and Espirito Santa in March, and the auction of a further three terminals is expected this month. The three terminals - two in the port of Santos and one in the port of Paranagua - is expected to earn the government $103.5 million.
Twenty-three concessions, including ports, airports and railways, have been carried out so far this year by Brazil's federal government.

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