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            september 15, 2019

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Panama Canal draft restrictions cut containership loads by 15pc


The Panama Canal is facing a severe dry season and has put in draft restrictions with some carriers reducing cargo loads 15 per cent, reports IHS Media.
The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) announced the sixth reduction in draft this year to a maximum of 43 feet (13 metres), effective May 28, for the neopanamax locks on Gatun Lake as water levels continue to fall.
The canal informs customers of draft adjustments through Advisories to Shipping at least four weeks in advance to allow time for proper planning. Further draft adjustments will be announced in 12-inch increments, with advance notice of four weeks, the ACP said.
"Vessels arriving after May 28 with drafts over the maximum may be allowed to transit, depending on the actual level of Gatun Lake at the time of transit. Otherwise, they will be required to trim or off-load cargo in order to be allowed to transit," the authority warned.

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