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            july 21, 2019

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Hong Kong's Hutchison, Maersk's APMT stuff Barcelona with new cranes


Hutchison's best container terminal in the Port of Barcelona, received six new automated cranes from the Finnish supplier Konecranes, thereby increasing its storage capacity from 24 to 27 automated blocks, reports Shipping Gazette.
Currently, these blocks are being assembled and tested and they are expected to be fully operational in June.
Meanwhile Maersk's APM Terminals Barcelona will set up two new super postpanamax cranes arriving from Los Angeles. These cranes have been made Shanghai ready for operation in the Port of Barcelona and expected to be operational in June.
With the acquisition of these new cranes, manufactured by the company ZPMC, APM Terminals Barcelona now has a fleet of 13 cranes: five super postpanamax, five postpanamax and three panamax.
The nearby Hutchison cranes are electric and move on rails, like most of the terminal equipment, since Hong Kong's Hutchison Ports Group has been committed to build an efficient and environmentally sustainable terminal.
Said BEST chief executive Guillermo Belcastro: "This investment will result in a significant increase in operational and storage capacity at the terminal and will contribute to our continuous improvement of service levels both in maritime and land operations."
Currently, the terminal has 11 super postpanamax quay cranes that are able to operate the biggest vessels in the world, 48 ASCs, two rail terminal cranes (RMGs) and 30 shuttle carriers to operate the terminal which occupies 80 hectares and has a 1,500-metre berth with a depth of 16.5 metres.
BEST is the first semi-automated terminal developed by Hutchison. In addition to being the most technologically advanced in Spain, the facilities have one of the most modern gate systems in Europe and one of the largest railway terminals within a container terminal in the Mediterranean, with eight mixed gauge tracks (Iberian and UIC), connecting BEST daily with different points of Spain and the South of France.
The two new APMT cranes allow operations with ships of up to 23 containers across the beam. In addition, they are capable of lifting 100 tonnes and can also operate in TWIN mode (2x20'), which allows the terminal to further increase its level of service.
These two cranes, each weighing 1,683 tonnes, have arrived at APM Terminals Barcelona after being shipped around the Cape of Good Hope.

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