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            november 20, 2019

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China won't insist US fix 'wrong practices'


China, while still blaming the the US for damaging trade negotiations, no longer insists Americans alter "wrong practices" before talks can resume.
Earlier Beijing's position was: "China's stance on the talks has been clear - if the US wants to resume talks, they should show sincerity and correct their wrong practices," said Commerce Ministry spokesman Gao Feng in Beijing. "Only on a basis of equality and mutual respect can the talks continue."
But later China's ambassador to the US Cui Tiankai said Beijing was committed to striking a trade deal as he called the blacklisting of Shenzhen's Huawei Technologies an "unusual" act of state power against a company.
The comments are the latest sign that China has no intention of making concessions to the US to restart talks, which collapsed earlier this month, said Bloomberg.
The US blames China for backing out on parts of the deal which were already agreed.
Mr Cui said in an interview with Bloomberg TV Friday that China wanted to continue working toward a trade agreement for President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping to finalise.
There's no official discussions about a meeting between the two leaders, said Mr Cui, the Chinese ambassador to the US. The two sides should have cooperation and collaboration, he said, adding that "trade is about mutual benefits, war is about mutual destruction. How can you put these two very different concepts in one term?"
Earlier Mr Gao took a less concilliatory atttitude and did not respond to a question about whether the two sides were still in communication, or if there were plans for the US delegation to come to Beijing. He also declined to say what specific signs of sincerity China required from the US to restart talks.
"The US unilaterally escalated trade tensions, and has taken many actions which seriously hurts the China-US trade talks," he said. "There are principles for cooperation, and there are bottom lines in negotiations. China won't make concessions on matters of principle."

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