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            august 26, 2019

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Cloud-based platforms will provide the access to Amazon and eBay for Russian retailers


The new Partnership between ChannelAdvisor Corporation and DB Schenker will enable the customers of the logistics provider to access more than 100 hundred marketplaces all over the world.
In recent time, the turnover volume within cloud-based platforms of e-commerce has surpassed the figures shown by conventional e-commerce websites. Thus, it is crystal clear that scalable multi-channel solutions of that kind are essential nowadays. The alliance with ChannelAdvisor, the leading SaaS platform developer, will give Russian clients an opportunity to enjoy the advantages such as to low costs, optimized supply chain management and decreased delivery time. Besides, the above-mentioned collaboration will also bring costumers comprehensive access to key marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay at a global level.
The integration entrenches DB Schenker as a leading global provider in e-commerce logistics, offering all types of warehouse-related services. As a significant actor in the sphere of e-commerce the company will manage to draw customers` attention to the quality of pick and pack procedures, returns management, in addition, DB Schenker will be able to demonstrate transparency at each stage of supply chains. ChannelAdvisor customers will also get access to DB Schenker’s global network of shared facilities and will have a chance to take an advantage of high class e-commerce order fulfilment.
As a matter of fact, in most cases the lack of effective delivery solutions hampers the whole-scale commercial expansion  of numerous brands and retailers. The strategic partnership between ChannelAdvisor and DB Schenker may change the current state of affairs.
The percentage of Russian companies, turning to 4LP Logistics providers, which offer storage services and are accountable for delivery of goods, amounts to 30. In China the same category of companies comprises 50% and in the USA and European Union the indicators reach nearly  80%. Thus, Valeriy Laskovets, the IT director of JSC Schenker, is sure that the resources of Amazon and eBay will become a good basis for steady growth of e-commerce market in Russia.

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