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            november 20, 2019

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LKW Walter

CIBE 2019

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LKW Walter
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Digital Data Corridor between Mumbai and Amsterdam successfully completed


Kale Logistics Solutions, a provider of IT Solutions for the global Logistics industry, announced the completion of the development of the first phase of Digital Data Corridor between Mumbai and Amsterdam, in collaboration with Cargonaut in the Netherlands. Using the trust framework iShare, created by the Dutch government program Top Sector Logistics, the Digital Corridor was successfully completed in May 2019. The transacting of status updates of shipments from Amsterdam to Mumbai has started since then.
Already over 550+ shipments have been processed through this newly completed Digital Data Corridor. The teams at Kale Logistics Solutions and Cargonaut have now initiated work jointly on IATA API One-Record data model specification, which will be an industry-first between two communities. Kale Logistics Solutions is on the accelerated path to catalyze Trade Facilitation, empower ease of doing business, and enable trade through paperless supply chain transactions globally.
Speaking about the achievement, Amar More, Director, Kale Logistics Solutions, said, “We are happy to announce the successful completion and testing of the Digital Data Corridor between Mumbai and Amsterdam airports. Trade Facilitation and Digitalization is the need of the hour for the global air cargo industry and this initiative coming to fruition is taking the industry forward. It has been a pleasure collaborating with Cargonaut on this industry benchmarking project.”
Speaking about the announcement, Nanne Onland, CEO, Cargonaut, said, “We contribute to a better, faster, smarter, and thus more predictable air cargo hub that will benefit all the logistic chain partners and their clients. Our vision is connecting smart airport communities to facilitate trade. So we are an active participant both in the work of the Dutch program Top Sector Logistics and in the work on IATA One-Record. We share this vision with Kale Logistics and we are happy that we have created a working show case together with Kale Logistics and we are determined to take also the next steps.”

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