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            august 19, 2019

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LKW Walter

CIBE 2019


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LKW Walter
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Mercedes-Benz at the GPTS in Stockholm


"The Art of Public Transport" is the motto of the Global Public Transport Summit (GPTS) from 9 to 12 June in Stockholm. Mercedes‑Benz is extremely proficient in the art of public transport with urban buses. At the GPTS, the congress of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), the fully-electric low-floor eCitaro urban bus will be in central focus. Since its world premiere, it has quickly developed into a hit. But at the GPTS, there's even more to discover.
With more than 2000 buses, hundreds of trains, dozens of ferries and artistically designed metro stations, the Swedish metropolis of Stockholm is a vitrine of variety when it comes to public transport. And this perfect shop front will be used by Mercedes‑B enz as part of their GPTS presence. Delegates from around the world will be shown the fully-electric eCitaro from Mercedes‑Benz, as well as receiving information about the entire urban bus programme and the various drive systems available. Further focal points include advisory service, such as eMobility Consulting and the varied and continually advancing digital services from Omniplus On.

The big Citaro family: one for all in urban and inter-city transport

Citaro solo bus, Citaro G articulated bus, Citaro K short variant, Citaro LE low-entry bus, the Citaro Ü, Citaro GÜ, Citaro LE Ü and LE MÜ inter-city versions – the Citaro is one for all. With a range of variants and seating types, not to mention innumerable items of optional equipment, it fulfils any requirements. The CapaCity is especially recommended for routes with high passenger numbers. The four-axle high-capacity bus is derived from the Citaro and, in the CapaCity L variant, is up to 21.0 m in length whilst offering space for a maximum of 191 passengers.
Equally diverse as the model range is the choice of drive technologies on offer for the Citaro. In particular focus is the fully electric eCitaro. The basis of its energy efficiency is an innovative thermal management system which sets benchmarks. The concept is particularly interesting to transport companies - the numerous orders already received emphasize this statement. The sustainability which the eCitaro offers provides an outlook into upcoming battery technologies, including the ground-breaking solid-state batteries with very high energy density.
The fully-electrically powered eCitaro is flanked by the low-emission diesel engines equipped to Euro VI emissions gas standard as well as the Citaro NGT with gas-powered drive system. If biogas or biomethane are used, the vehicle is almost CO2-neutral. Both diesel and gas engines are optionally available in conjunction with the hybrid module and impress with their further-increased efficiency.
The Citaro isn't just clean, it is also safe. One example of such can be found in the active braking assistance system Preventive Brake Assist. In the case of imminent danger of a collision, it automatically actuates the brakes. Sideguard Assist warns when turning off to the right as well as in the case of obstacles located to the side of the vehicle. Both assistance systems protect weaker road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. All articulated buses feature the ATC (Articulated Turntable Controller) anti-jackknifing system. It stabilises the articulated bus in critical driving situations and has a similar effect to the electronic stability system ESP.

Like no other: the new Sprinter City 75 and its exclusive technology

Taking up a prominent role among the minibuses - the Sprinter City 75 with its exclusive technology. The 8.5 m flagship from the Sprinter City model series offers space for up to 38 passengers and is an especially spacious vehicle. Equally as new as the design is the technical concept. Forming its basis is a combination of the chassis of the Mercedes‑Benz Sprinter combined with an integral minibus skeleton. The permissible gross weight comes in at 6.8 t and offers great reserves. The basis is an exclusively developed high-load rear axle with air suspension.

More than just an urban bus: the comprehensive eMobility system from Mercedes-Benz

Electric mobility means rethinking urban mobility with buses. And that's why e-mobility at Mercedes-Benz is more than just an urban bus, it's a comprehensive system made of several components. The comprehensive eMobility system takes into account things like the power supply, charging infrastructure, rotational planning, telematics systems, service concepts and, last but not least, the training of employees. Mercedes‑Benz eMobility Consulting provides guidance and assistance in the planning and implementation of e-mobility. Omniplus and the authorised service partners make sure of the eMobility Service. It includes tailor-made components, such as Service Contracts and a complete training concept.

Omniplus On: digital services for bus fleets
Thanks to Omniplus On, service has gone digital and a whole range of totally new possibilities have been opened up to bus companies and drivers alike. Omniplus On stands on four pillars:

    "Omniplus On advance" secures maximum fleet availability for bus companies, e.g. using the Omniplus Uptime service for monitoring the vehicle systems in real time.
    "Omniplus On monitor" brings together telematics services for efficient fleet management.
    "Omniplus On drive" assists the driver, for example, in carrying out the prescribed daily departure checks.
    "Omniplus On commerce" enables bus firms to enjoy a rapid and targeted purchasing process around the clock, for example for replacement parts from the Omniplus eShop.
In summary: Mercedes-Benz offers tailor-made urban buses ranging from minibuses right up to high-capacity buses. With a variety of drive systems, the Citaro urban bus is renowned the world over for providing the right answer to any question. Mercedes‑Benz actively and competently supports transport companies in the change-over to electromobility. After all, Mercedes‑Benz does not wish to leave companies to fend for themselves after initial procurement and thus uses tailor-made services to enable the greatest levels of availability and economy.

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