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            september 17, 2019

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Belgium launches new ecommerce-friendly digital customs platform


Belgium has introduced a new ecommerce-friendly customs platform to simplify the import and export of goods, one particularly suitable for those businesses involved in e-commerce, reports London's Air Cargo News.
The new BE-GATE customs platform was officially launched on D-Day June 6 and is said to be unlike any other to be found in Europe.
Four important Belgian hubs of e-commerce are supporting it: the ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge as well as the airports of Brussels and Liege.
Free to use, BE-GATE is designed for processing large amounts of data and the rapid clearance of customs applications.
A high number of arrival notifications can be transmitted simultaneously via an officially approved customs form.
For shipments of less than or equal to EUR22 (US$24.94) this form also serves as a declaration of release for consumption.
For all other shipments, an additional declaration in the Belgian customs software PLDA (PaperLess Douanes et Accises, or Paperless Customs & Excise) is required.
Retailers automatically receive information on those shipments that have been selected for customs control.

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