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            september 15, 2019

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Busworld 2019


LKW Walter

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LKW Walter Rus
LKW Walter
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New in the product range: 14.5-metre VDL Citea Electric


VDL Bus & Coach further expands the VDL Citea Electric product range with the CiteaXLE-145 Electric. With this 14.5-metre e-bus, VDL Bus & Coach adds a new length variant to the available  electric  Low  Entry  buses.  VDL  introduced  the  12-and  12.9-metre  electric  Low Entry  length  variants  in  September  2018.  In  doing  so,  VDL  is  supporting  the  further transition  to  more  sustainable  public  transport  in both urban and regional areas. For VDL this is a logical step towards offering a complete electric product range that includes Low Floor, Light Low Entry and Low Entry versions.

Modular concept
Like  the  entire  VDL  Citea  range,  the  Citea  XLE-145  Electric  is  built  based  on  the  modular  VDL concept,   making   use   of   existing   components. This   offers   many   advantages   in   terms of maintenance  and  service. The electric variant of the CiteaLow Entry is available in a 2-door or 3-door  configuration,  with  flexible  interior  layouts.  With  a  length  of  14.5  metres,  the  Citea  XLE-145 Electric  offers  a  higher  passenger  capacity  than  the  other  Low  Entry  models.  In  the  direction  of travel, there is room for up to 52 comfortable seats. The Citea XLE-145 Electric is fitted with a 288 kWh battery as standard. A 360 kWh battery pack is also available, as an option. VDL offers various charging systems. As standard, the Citea XLE-145 Electric  is  equipped  with  a  Combo2  charging  plug.  For  higher  charging  capacities  and  rapid charging  options,  pantograph  options  are  available,  mounted either on  the  vehicle  or  on  the charging station. With top-up quick charging, operation of more than 600 kilometres per day canbe achieved.

30 million electric kilometres
Today, 400 electric VDL buses cover an average of 70,000 km in daily operation. Since April 2015, the  VDL  CiteasElectric  have  collectively  driven  30  million  electric  kilometres.  Compared  to conventional  diesel  buses,  this represents a CO2 reduction of 70 tonnes per day, which results in better  air  quality.  Electric  buses  also  provide  significant  noise  reduction,  leading  to  a  quieter  and healthier living  environment.

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