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            december 10, 2019

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13 VDL e-buses for the new Helsingborgs Expressen in southern Sweden


As  from  16  June  2019 13  VDL  e-buses will operate on the new Helsingborgs Expressen in southern Sweden. The VDL Citeas SLFA-181 Electric are the first electric buses for the city of  Helsingborg. VDL  Bus  &  Coach  will  deliver  these electric  articulated  Citeas to  Arriva Sweden,  which  is  the  public  transport  operator  of  this  new  BRT  line. The  successful implementation of this large, complex project has been realised through close cooperation between  concession  grantor  and  regional  public  transport authority Skånetrafiken, Arriva and  VDL  Bus  &  Coach. As  turnkey  supplier  VDL  Bus  &  Coach  is  also  responsible  for delivery and implementation of the charging infrastructure. This new express line will provide passengers with a more attractive public transport option as they will  be  able  to travel more  quickly  and  comfortably.  The  zero  emission  buses will contribute to a cleaner  environment  and  produce  less  noise  than  conventional diesel buses.  Fredrik  Dahlborg, Managing Director VDL Bus & Coach Sweden, says: “VDL Bus & Coach is very proud and grateful to    have    been    selected    to    partner    with Arriva    and    Skånetrafiken    for    the    new Helsingborgs Expressen.  This  project  to  establish a  BRT  line  is an  exciting  initiative.  We  are confident that  the  VDL  e-mobility  solutions for  Arriva  Helsingborg will  be  appreciated  by  the passengers  and  contribute  to attracting more people to use public transport. As European market leader  in  the  field  of  e-mobility,  we  are  pleased  to  be  adding  Helsingborg  to  the  long  list of cities where  we  have  provided our  turnkey  solutions,  known  for  their high  reliability  and  low  operating costs. ”Four the-mobility project for VDL in Sweden With  this  order, VDL  Bus  &  Coach  has reached  the  milestone of its four the-mobility  project  in Sweden. The  first  VDL  Citea  Electric  was  delivered  to  operator  Byberg  &  Nordin  for  the  city  of Härnösandin  February  2015. Since December  2018  4electric  articulated  Citeas  have  been operating  in  Karlstad.  And an  e-mobility  project  featuring 25  Citeas  SLFA-181  Electric will  start operating in Umeå later this month. In order to have the full focus on this e-mobility expansion VDL Bus  &  Coach  has  invested in expanding their  Swedish  national  sales  and  service organisation, which has been a 100% subsidiary to VDL Bus & Coach bv since 1 January 2018. Having  already  completed  over 50  e-mobility  projects  in Western Europe, VDL Bus & Coach is a proven  transition  partner  for  efficient  zero-emission  public  transport systems.  Beyond  Sweden, electric  VDL e-buses  are  currently  operating  in  various  cities  in The  Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg,  Switzerland, Franceand  Norway.  In  many  cases  VDL  is  also  responsible  for implementation  of  the  infrastructure,  project management  and  the  repair  and  maintenance  of the entire system.

Turnkey supplier
As  turnkey  supplier  VDL  Bus  &  Coach  has  tested  the  complete system in Helsingborg, including vehicles,  chargers and implementation schedule, before the start of the operation. During this test phase  the system performance  has  been  optimized  to  ensurethe  e-mobility  operationwill  run smoothly from the start, as well as during extreme cold weather and rush hours. The  13VDL  Citeas  SLFA-181 Electric in  BRT  design are equipped with  a high-power 169 kWh battery  system.  The roof  mounted  pantograph  allows the  vehicles  to  be charged faster, ensuring optimum  operational  availability. The  vehicles  will be fast charged during the day at the end stops of  the  line  and  will be  fully  charged  at  the depot each  night.  Thee-buses for  Arriva  Sweden are equipped  with  a  very  attractive, modern  interior  design, as  well  as a coffee  bar-like area for standing passengers which is a result from the constructive input from Skånetrafiken.

Arriva Sweden
Arriva  is  one  of  the  leading  providers  of  passenger  transport  in  Europe,  employing  over  53,000 people  and  delivering  2  billion  passenger  journeys  a  year across  14  European  countries.  The company services include local buses (scheduled and demand-responsive); inter-urban commuter coaches;  local,  regional  and  national  train  services;  trams  and  light  rail;  waterbuses,  and  non-emergency  patient  transport.  Arriva  is part of Deutsche Bahn (DB), one of the world’s leading passenger  and  logistics  companies,  and are  responsible  for  DB's  regional  passenger  transport services  outside  Germany.  Arriva  operates  in the  Czech  Republic;  Croatia;  Denmark;  Hungary; Italy;  the Netherlands; Poland; Portugal; Serbia; Slovakia;  Slovenia, Spain; Sweden; and the UK. Skånetrafiken Skånetrafiken,  local government body responsible for public transport, offers public transport for those who live, work and travel in Skåne, southern Sweden. Every day over 300,000 people  travel with one or more of Skånetrafikens 14,000 daily departures by bus and train, and 5,000 accessible transport trips –to work, family and friends. The turnover is approximately 5.8 billion SEK and each year customers make more than 167 million journeys with local and regional buses, trains (Pågatågen, Öresundståg, Krösatågen) and accessibility service vehicles.

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