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            september 15, 2019

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Concerns arise over NVOCC renewals in China


There appears to be a slow down in the ability of American NVOCCs (non-vessel owning common carriers) to obtain new registrations or renew existing registrations in China, says a Washington lawyer deeply involved with the business, reported American Shipper.
"I wouldn't say the sky is falling, but it's caused some concern because we've hit a wall where the process since 2010 - nine years - is no longer available." said Carlos Rodriguez, of Husch Blackwell.
"NVOCCs are losing the battle to keep their documentation in front of their customers since their bills of lading cannot be used (if they cannot renew their registration) in either the export or import China/US trade lanes," he said.
Mr Rodriguez said before March, an approval from China's Ministry of Transport (MOT) was required for NVOCC registration in China and that must be renewed every five years.
"As far as we know, only the Commission of Transport in Guangdong province has provided an online portal for NVOCC filings and NVOCCs. It seems only applicable to Chinese NVOCCs because we cannot find a portal for overseas NVOCCs to do the filing. That is still the case," Mr Rodriguez said.
China is moving to provincial regulation and he has several clients that have experienced problems getting or renewing registrations in recent months.
But National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America lawyer Ed Greenberg said has not received complaints from members about the issue.

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