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            january 18, 2020

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Stadler wins tender for 55 FLIRT Akku for the Schleswig Holstein public transport authority


Stadler has emerged as the winner of the tender issued by the public transport authority Schleswig Holstein GmbH (NAH.SH) for the supply of 55 battery-powered FLIRT Akku multiple units. Stadler came out on top in the first non-technology-specific competitive tender for vehicles with alternative drive systems (no diesel) in Germany. A ten-day objection period now begins following notification to the losing bidders that Stadler is to be awarded the contract. This objection period must expire before the award procedure can go ahead and a legally binding contract can be signed.
The Schleswig Holstein public transport authority NAH.SN intends to entrust Stadler with the delivery of 55 FLIRT Akku multiple units. Stadler has thereby succeeded in finding the first buyer for its trains with the new battery drive technology. Stadler presented the battery-powered FLIRT vehicle to the public for the first time at InnoTrans 2018. In addition, Stadler is to be commissioned with the maintenance of the vehicles over a period of 30 years. The losing bidders have ten days to initiate a verification procedure against the decision. The supply contract cannot be legally signed until after this deadline, at which point Stadler will provide detailed information about the contract.

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