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            january 25, 2020

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ABX Air partners with Air Cargo Carriers to accelerate pilot recruitment


Air Transport Services Group unit, ABX Air, has joined turboprop freighter operator Air Cargo Carriers to allow the smaller firm's pilots to enter ABX's training class, reports New York's Air Cargo World.
Air Cargo Carrier pilots with at least two years' experience as Pilot in Command, who have at least 1,000 hours of flight in that role, and who obtained their Airline Transport Pilot Licence are able to skip the interview process for a spot in ABX Air's training class.
To join the class, Air Cargo Carrier employees must also pass a required background check. This programme follows others to address a growing pilot shortage.
Most such schemes have been started with FedEx and UPS, which have the highest numbers of cargo operators.
This programme from ABX is a reasonable move for the carrier, which needs an expanded roster of pilots able to operate the growing number of 767-200Fs and -300Fs it operates on behalf of Amazon Air.

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