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            january 21, 2020

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LKW Walter

SIL 2020

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LKW Walter
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The heavy-goods logistics company Gustav Seeland is modernizing its fleet


The Hamburg-based heavy-goods logistics company Gustav Seeland is expanding its fleet, adding an MK 88 Plus mobile construction crane. The 4-axle mobile crane has a hook height of nearly 60 meters and can lift ballast of up to 2.2 metric tons. It is one of the most state-of-the-art and strongest heavy-goods vehicles of its kind. Seeland's new mobile construction crane allows flexible use wherever a static crane is not advisable.
Due to its versatility, the MK 88 Plus is particularly suitable for roof refurbishment projects, façade construction, and the installation of air conditioning systems. Another aspect that makes this mobile construction crane so flexible is its fast setup times. Once supported, it takes only 11 minutes for the crane to become fully usable. Setup can be handled by the crane operator on their own. 
The crane allows a luffed jib position of 15 to 45 degrees and can be maneuvered within a maximum radius of 45 meters. The Micromove fine-positioning system allows the crane operator to position and fit even the heaviest items at an accuracy down to a millimeter without any help. The vehicle itself excels with its enormous versatility and low space requirement. Thanks to state-of-the-art undercarriage technology, it has a high ground clearance, making it suitable even for difficult terrain.
Working with the MK 88 Plus is also user-friendly. Its ergonomic steering console features electronic display and monitoring systems, and large glass panes permit optimum all-round visibility. A large number of features promoting comfort and convenience make it possible for the crane operator to work efficiently and without getting tired.
By adding the MK 88 Plus, Gustav Seeland is increasing its service range in crane work and continuing to expand its market position.
"Investments into our fleet are highly important for us, so that we can continue to be flexible and efficient for our customers. Thanks to our technical innovations, we are in a position to work even more efficiently and to increase the productivity of our company," says Johann Evers, CEO of Gustav Seeland GmbH. "And, of course, new equipment like this also generates even greater motivation for our workforce. Our operators are really looking forward to the new mobile crane and its new technology."

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