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            december 14, 2019

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LKW Walter
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ABC Airlines flies nine racehorses from Moscow to Amsterdam


AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC Airlines) has delivered nine racehorses from Moscow, Russia to Amsterdam, the Netherlands on board Boeing 747-8F scheduled flight.
The Russian airline's live animal's dedicated team 'abc care' ensured the well-being of the animals. Most importantly, they worked on the minimisation of the waiting period - within warehousing premises, on the apron, before and after loading/offloading.
Tatyana Kosterina, the rider of 11-year-old Diavolessa VA, said: "It is a great experience to be flying to another country with your horse being your 'fellow passenger', with the possibility to check on the horse during the flight, feed and water it if needed.
"Air transportation is the most preferable way of journey, as we cover the distance within several hours and my horse does not experience car sickness, as is the case with vehicle transportation.
"After several adaptation days we were able to take part in the competition winning the second place."
Her colleague, Evgeniya Davydova, explained that "with horses being very emotional and sensitive to stressful factors, we were lucky that these waiting periods were minimised and my 14-year-old Awakening demonstrated good results during competition".
Deputy general director, Special products and services, AirBridgeCargo Airlines, Fedor Novikov said: "Equine transportation stands apart from other animals transportations as we are dealing with precious animals whose well-being and comfort influence sports success."
With the introduction of 'abc care', AirBridgeCargo has been aligning its product offering to increase the market share in the equine business from various regions of the world, reports The STAT Trade Times, Mumbai.

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