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            december 14, 2019

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8 VDL Citeas SLFA-181 Electric contribute to Oslo Airport’s ambitious climate goals


With 8  Citeas SLFA-181  Electric, VDL  Bus  &  Coach will  be  making  a  major  contribution  to  the further electrification  of  Oslo  Airport  in Norway.  The  shuttle buses will go  into service  in 2020. Deployment of these articulated VDL vehicles will help achieve the climate goals set by Avinor Oslo Airport, which is already one of Europe’s leading airports in terms of strict environmental requirements. The contract between all parties was signed on Thursday 1 August.
“The decision was taken to purchase the BRT model (Bus  Rapid  Transit),  with  which  we  won  the prestigious international Red Dot Awardin 2017,” explained Frank Reichel, Managing Director VDL Bus & Coach Norway AS. “However, Avinor is interested in more than just the design. Opting for our electric buses says a great deal about the ambitions of the airport. It ties in seamlessly with the overall picture of Norway as a frontrunner in the field of electric travel in Europe.”

Shuttle buses
Every year, 1.2 million passengers are transported between the gates and the aircraft at Oslo Airport. In June  2018, Avinor  Oslo  Airport received  financial support of  around  1.6  million euros  from  the Norwegian organisation Enova. Owned by the Ministry of Climate and Environment, Enova’s mission is to support development of climate technology and sustainable energy systems.
“The introduction of electric shuttle buses is an important measure for reducing emission of greenhouse gases  at  the  airport,”  explained Stine  Ramstad  Westby, Executive Vice  President operations  and infrastructure at Avinor. Avinor aims to halve the total greenhouse gas emissions it can control by 2022, as  compared  with  2012.  “The  support from   Enova   makes it   possible   for   us   to   implement environmentally  friendly  solutions  faster.  Although  the  initial  purchase  price  of  electric  buses  is  higher than the diesel variant, this investment is a deliberate choice since in the longer term, electric vehicles generate higher returns.”

Smart energy management
In  the  specific  shuttlebus  application,  additional  attention  will  be  focused  on  the  climate  system  and maintaining a  comfortable  temperature for the passengers, particularlyin  the  winter period. Thanks  to smart energy  management  with  strategic  charging  sessions,  even  in  extreme  weather  conditions, passenger comfort and vehicle availability are guaranteed.
VDL Bus & Coach uses a high capacity 216 kWh Li-Ion battery system on its Citeas SLFA-181 Electric. This offers the flexibility of higher energy capacity while retaining the advantages of rapid charging. The battery  system  is  air-cooled  and  electrically  heated so  that  the  battery  is  always  kept  in  optimum operating condition.
For the charging equipment, VDL Bus & Coach has once again joined forces with the Dutch company Heliox. For  interim  fast  charging,  a  300 kW  rapid  charger will  be  installed  at  the  gate.  By  means  of  a pantograph on the roof of the bus, the battery can be fully recharged, in just a short time. To reduce the  energy consumption by the bus, the interior temperature can be given an extra boost during the rapid charging session. 8 charging posts will be installed at the depot, each with a capacity of 30 kW. Here the buses are fully recharged at night, and if required, pre-heated.

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